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Personal Note from the Author

Eating good food  and drinking (natural juices for me)  is the bulk of life’s enjoyment.  As the owner of A Phiner Bistro, we have patrons from all over the place who enjoyed the meals that we served them.   My patrons begged me to write this recipe book.  Thanks to their encouragement, I wrote this book and asked my family to forgive me for sharing our recipes with the public.  And, of course, God assisted in making it a reality.

Over the years I have thought about relationships with food where I can introduce humanity to something new and exotic and not the same old and familiar!.

My parents have imparted many strong values that I have cherished my entire life.  We have always believed in using our resources toward high quality food to ensure a strong physical foundation for the other things we are passionate about, such as education, traveling, and charity.  You will see, as you read my section intros, that this attention to the truly good things in life, permeates my approach to cooking.  If you want people to think about your dinner table the way my guests think about my Bistro, then pay attention to these insights.

This cookbook is different from many of the other books you will find in this genre.  To me, food is central to life.  We truly are what we eat, and—more than that; food is linked to our spiritual, mental and physiological well-being.  I have sprinkled messages throughout this book.  (insight into the ingredients or method of cooking) and Wisdom Nuggets (parables, poems, and sayings from my family) and even a prayer that I say to get my mind in the right place when crafting food for loved ones.  And that’s what cooking is, you know: crafting food with love.

My hope is that A Phiner Bistro presents: Healthy Eating For Life will lead the way for others to find a healthy lifestyle.  You see, I am dedicated to helping not only those people around me, but also doing my best to help all of humanity.  This has been an incredible journey for me, and God has given me the opportunity to touch many people’s lives, help people make the choice for better health, and to mentor our youth.

As I have said, each section will begin with a meditation that helps me to keep the mind, soul and body in line with what is most important.  I believe that it is this alignment that keeps my family and I in perfect health.  I have never been sick a day in my life and this health I can only attribute to the lessons I have laid out in this book.

My mission is to help you make healthy meals, and also to make some healthy changes which will become a permanent part of your life.  By learning my nutrition concepts and my way of thinking, you will develop new positive habits, overcome bad moods, and have more energy.

Once you start to follow my advice you will start experiencing dramatic zest and joy in living life abundant.  It is important to remember that God gives everyone twenty four hours in a day.  No one has more or less.  So we all have to share the gift of time and use it wisely.  I say what I believe, I take nothing for granted, and I am grateful to God for everything.

Phiner has been featured in many publications and has made numerous T.V. appearances to discuss her healthy recipes from her former critically-acclaimed restaurant, A Phiner Bistro. From cooking with Samantha Brown on Discovery Channel’s, “Home Matters” to having her dishes highlighted in SHOWTIME Arts & Entertainment Magazine, Phiner takes pride in sharing her healthy and delicious cooking secrets with the world. Phiner served as Chef and Owner of the restaurant, A Phiner Bistro, and launched a radio show in Cleveland, Ohio, that covered a variety of health topics. She has also been featured in USA Today, Cleveland Magazine and Ohio local newspapers and has appeared on local network affiliates in Cleveland (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS) for her work.