• Healthy Eating for Life!

Introducing "A Phiner Bistro Presents: Healthy Eating For Life" & "Juicing for Your Soul" cookbooks!
After a long day at the office, no one feels like spending time cooking, but you can't neglect your family's nutrition! Don't despair! " A Phiner Bistro Presents: Healthy Eating For Life" contains  a recipe collection featuring delicious low-fat dinners that includes techniques for cooking Vegetables, brown rice,  sweet potatoes, poultry, seafood and  beef. while retaining all the nutrients that will help you to  replenish what has been lost throughout your hectic day!  This fantastic collection is now available to you.
Each recipe is given in an easy step-by-step format to help you achieve flawless results every time. You will be amazed at how exciting and fun easily you can epare a nutritious meal that your family will love..
"A meal should be an experience, a theater of the mouth and not just a meal"

Healthy Cooking for Life

A Phiner Bistro Cover

Introducing A Phiner Bistro presents: Healthy Eating For Life, the latest book from renowned health, fitness, and wellness advocate, Phiner. This family recipe book has been carefully prepared to meet the wants and needs of the large class of individuals and families who are anxious to acquire a better quality of health. The hope of this book is to help individuals overcome their lack of knowledge of healthy eating by providing the knowledge and skills to overcome this deficiency and learn how to prepare healthy meals.

Juicing For Your Soul: An Invitation To Health And Longevity - A Juicing Book With Great  Juicing Recipes To Help You Gain Energy, Refresh Your Soul, Body And Mind! 
This book is great for getting started and features information about juicing for health conditions and the benefits of individual nutrients. Includes lots of recipes, many of which are easy to make.

Juicing for Your Soul

Juicing for Your Soul