• Corporate Juicing Events


When it comes to optimal health , motivating people fresh natural foods is smart approach.

We now offer  prepared fresh natural juices to corporate meetings. This includes   mango , orange, lime juice , pineapple lemon juice, carrot juice, etc..

We specialize in high raw, enzyme and nutrient rich natural juices for high energy and optimal health for your staff.

We bring the purest high vibrational, fresh produce directly to your staff meeting through individually designed plans to optimize nutritional excellence. Our amazing organic selections will please your mouths as much as your body. Our plans are designed to help you achieve the highest state of clarity, health and wellness. Most of us know the adage "you are what you eat" is true, but lack the time, knowledge or energy to sustain a diet the way we envision. With a complete program tailored to your personal tastes, including, natural juices and desserts.   It is remarkably simple to be your best. Our effortless process and delicious food ensures your success.

Our main program begins with a private in person consultation to assess your desired results based on your unique situation we then design a plan perfectly situated to your needs using functional foods which possess natural health inducing properties. We use only the finest organic products and fill all our juices with amazing nutrient rich super foods from local markets. A complete power packed, highly vibrational juices will be prepared and left for you to enjoy as you drink toward vibrant energy

$150 Flat Fee

$15 per person

Healthy pantry specializes in high quality, natural juices made onsite! We provide office juicing for your upcoming meetings and corporate events in Northeast, Ohio. Whether your staff or guests have certain dietary restrictions or are health conscious, we always deliver the made to order fresh, natural, vegetables and fruit juices that  will satisfy any palate.
Healthy Pantry is available for:
  • annual meetings and conferences
  • product launches, lunch meetings, open houses, company parties
  • Providing free juices for employees provides a business with a whole range of benefits including:
    • Creating a more social and friendly culture within the organization. Meals are a social time,
    • More productive connections within the organization. Conversations over meal  will no doubt include discussions around work. These discussions are more informal than meetings and generally more creative and can lead to positive outcomes for the organization. It can also encourage people within an organization who might not normally have a formal reason to meet, to have a discussion.
    • Higher productivity. What a waste of time to have all your employees each spending 15 minutes in the morning preparing their own lunch or each standing in lines at take away food places to buy their own lunch. Why not save them this time by providing  fresh juices and  they'll no doubt be working for you for at least some of this additional time they save.

      Employee retention. . They're going to be less likely to leave your organization and you'll have more people applying for jobs at your organization.
      Happy, healthy and  energetic staff is what you will have! 

     We think the costs outweigh the benefits!

    $7.00 per a staff
     At least 5 days advance notice recommended