• Private Chef

Private Chef

The Art Of Culinary Lesson for the young:

This class will include 2 hours of culinary lessons for ages, 7-14 years.

The young cuisinier will work with a former executive chef and owner of A Phiner Bistro to create a healthy, tasty, delicious, nourishing menu and prepare them together.

Young chef will learn cooking skills, how to properly wash ingredients, understanding recipes and nutritional value will be taught.

My goal is to help the young learn the importance of team effort while cooking, cleaning, sharing and serving each other while enjoying their prepared foods or simple lunch created together.  Chef tool kits are available for purchase (www.healthypantry.net) but tools will be provided as well.  


Cooking Lessons for the adults: there will be four main goals namely:

  1. Discover the intricacies of culinary technique
  2. Equip home cooks with time-saving tips and essential cooking skills
  3. Encourage creativity using fresh spices, herbs and other healthy ingredients already on-hand in the kitchen
  4. Further build on the skills of seasoned cooks

Call for details, pricing, and availability: 440-308-5300