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“What happens at A Phiner Bistro is something different all together, to the point of being magical, but it is more spiritual. You not only nourish your body with exceptional food, but also with exceptional quality prepared to perfection. In addition, you also nourish your mind and soul. A Phiner Bistro is the creation and work of Phiner. She is the heart and soul of the restaurant. The food—all of which is organic—is prepared when ordered, to taste and look wonderful. There are many ingredients that have been unfamiliar to me. So a little bit of an adventurous spirit is required. Don't even think that children cannot enjoy the experience of dining here, I have taken my young grandsons here and they not only ate the food, but they loved it. They are not usually adventuresome eaters, they are quite picky, really. The entire dining experience brings a sense of peace to you physically, mentally and spiritually.” ~ Darlene, Cleveland, Ohio

This is just one of the many letters singing the praises of A Phiner Bistro. It is because of this overwhelming response to her cooking, that Phiner has compiled the secret recipes, methods and attitude of her cooking to share with you here.

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